The 5 Myths about having a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon)

Jan 2, 2023 | Personal Thoughts | 0 comments

The 5 REAL MYTHS OF HAVING A CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon)

# 1.  Someone will run away when you draw your firearm.  Most people believe that what they have seen in different movies and television shows, that the other person will instinctively back down or run away if you draw your firearm.  Often the reality is that they will become more aggressive and often things will escalate.

# 2. Never carry anything for self-defense except your firearm, especially “Pepper Spray”.  While carrying a firearm is certainly the most effective way to defend yourself in a life/death situation, the use of deadly force may be greater than the actual threat.  For example, if someone attacks you without a weapon, be it a knife or firearm, your using deadly force is excessive!  That doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to defend yourself, you do!  If someone grabs you or your property, you can’t pull out your firearm and just shoot them.  You could, however, use “Pepper Spray” to make them leave you alone, protecting yourself and your property.

# 3. Printing doesn’t matter!  Printing is wearing clothing that would allow others to see or at the very least suspect you are carrying a firearm.  Criminals look and they look closely at not only what you have, but if you are aware of them.  While printing may discourage some, a real criminal or someone who wishes to do you harm will use that against you, since they know you have a firearm.  They would block or attempt to prevent you from reaching for your firearm to protect yourself, maybe even take that firearm from you.

# 4. Carrying a semi-automatic not chambered.  Many people think and even believe that carrying a semi-automatic not chambered is the safest way to carry it.  Granted if there isn’t one in the chamber you aren’t very likely to shoot your firearm accidentally, you are also more than likely not able to rack a round (chamber) quickly either.  Certain firearms have almost no safety features on them, Glock is certainly one that comes to mind.  Their basic safety feature is “don’t pull the trigger” because they have only a small safety on the front of the trigger itself.  Glock was not really designed for those who are novices in carrying a semi-automatic firearm, they were designed for both law enforcement and military use.  While ANY FIREARM should be considered to be loaded, if you are going to carry a semi-automatic be certain you are well versed in the safety features and carry it chambered.

# 5.  Criminals aren’t very good shots!  I guess we have all seen what we call the “Gangster Grip” holding a firearm sideways when shooting it, but that doesn’t mean that even with a little luck, they won’t hit something.  Often most criminals will fire numerous shots regardless of if they hit their intended target, this is called “Spraying”.  If you are a CCW Holder, you need to understand that most shootings will occur within 7 to 10 feet, hence you need to at least be able to aim and fire and hit your target.  All of this during probably the most stressful situation you will ever find yourself in and because you don’t want to hit anything beyond your intended target you need to be aware of that as well.  Typically, criminals won’t or don’t care enough to worry about someone innocent being shot, they are most commonly called “Mushrooms” because they were just standing in the way.  The only way to combat this is by practice, Yes you have a firearm and yes you have a CCW, but those don’t mean that you are the best shot.  The only way to ensure that if you are in a life/death situation is to practice often and prepare yourself to be defensive.  Stay alert when you are out in the public, especially since you are armed!  Know where exist are, the best places to go, and those who are around you.  Criminals often go for those who are the easy targets, that won’t or can’t fight and are totally unaware of them.