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ZRANGE is a Certified State of Nevada CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) Instructor. Las Vegas Metro Police Department Approved Instructor.

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FIREARMS TRAINING! Few things are more dangerous than an untrained person(s) with any Firearm. Our Mission at ZRANGE is to instruct our students how to properly handle a Firearm safely. We do this by teaching the students our courses based on 50 years of experience handling various Firearms, 30 years of carry experience both in law enforcement and as a private citizen. Using some of the training guidelines from both United States Carry Concealed Association (USCCA) & National Rifle Association (NRA) as well as the instruction of laws of the United States of America and State of Nevada. 

our vision

Is to teach our students Firearm safety and to take away the fear of handling any Firearm and replace it with knowledge and experience. The knowledge we provide our students is based on decades of our experience and training. You own your Firearm for protection. But, if you lack the knowledge of Firearm Safety, or the Training of when you can use your Firearm to protect yourself or those you love, your means of protection cannot only lead to injury or death, it can also cause you to face both criminal and civil litigation.  

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State of Nevada Certified (CCW) Concealed Carry Weapon Instructor

Las Vegas Metro Police Certified (CCW) Concealed Carry Weapon Instructor

Certified USCCA Carry & Home Defense Instructor

Certified USCCA Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Instructor

Certified USCCA Range Safety Officer

Certified NRA Handgun Instructor

Certified NRA Rifle Instructor

Certified A.C.E. Instructor

Certified FEMA IS-0904 Active Shooter Prevention

Certified FEMA IS-0907 Active Shooter Response

Certified FEMA IS-0906 Workplace Security Awareness

Certified Stop The Bleed Instructor

Member of the Society of American Fight Directors

Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau

Former Law Enforcement Officer (L.E.O.) State of Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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Non CCW Courses

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Being part of the Hawaiian community is an incredibly special thing because of our strong belief in our culture, especially when it comes to “Ohana” (family). It is the unwavering Aloha spirit that inspired ZRANGE LLC to offer a Friends & Family discount of 20% in a private CCW/CCW Renewal class. Your “Ohana Class” can be for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people. Ohana classes tend to be more fun, and comfortable and encourage healthy competition among your family, friends, co-workers or your company. Upon completion of our course, you will be eligible to either obtain or renew your Nevada CCW. If you are interested, please complete the form below and Gina Oliver will respond confirming availability and send instructions on registering your “Ohana” for a class.



ZRANGE has created the A.C.T. (Armed Continuous Training) course, this course provides you with 1 on 1 training with a Certified Firearms Instructor in a live fire class. The A.C.T. course has two different options, A.C.T. #1, or A.C.T. #2.
A.C.T. #1 is 4 private lessons spread over weeks or months at your discretion, A.C.T. #2. is 5 private lessons spread over weeks or months at your discretion.
These classes will be scheduled for your convenience and around your available schedule. These are 1-hour courses where you will be trained in refining your skills with your personal handgun. All classes will be in an indoor firing range where you will receive training on improving your ability to defend yourself and your family.

Z RANGE 2A Series

The “I’m 2A Series” offers a comprehensive exploration into firearm ownership, focusing on safety, legal aspects, emergency responses, and practical handling. These are “Educational Course(s)” we at ZRANGE are the first and only Certified Firearms Instructors in Las Vegas, NV to offer such training. Unless you choose to join a Firearm Organization such as NRA or USCCA there is very little to no training available online and we all spend more time online than we would care to admit. Even with those organizations (NRA & USCCA) you have to become a member and then purchase their course, with us at ZRANGE there is NO MEMBERSHIP! Each of our courses is professionally produced by Ervinas Media, here in Las Vegas, NV these are not the “YouTube” self-shot videos. They are course(s) created by our Senior Firearms Instructor Cam Oliver. Cam has 50 years of Firearms experience with various Firearms, 30 years of carry experience both in law enforcement and as a civilian. With numerous certifications including being a dual Certified Firearms Instructor with both the NRA & USCCA.

You own your “Firearm(s)” for security and personal protection, for yourself, your family and property. Because each of us is our own “First Responder.” But owning any “Firearm(s)” is a weapon that certainly can protect you, but also something without proper education and training can be detrimental for yourself both criminally and civilly. The mere second that it takes to pull a trigger can be the difference between saving your life or costing you your freedom and costing you $100,000.00 dollars in legal defense. That is why Firearm Education is so very important! “Pulling the trigger is the easiest thing you can do; it is everything after that which makes your life complicated. Don’t make your life any more complicated than it already is”! “Your Firearm is always the LAST RESORT”!



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Refund & Rescheduling Policy


  • ZRANGE services are NON-REFUNDABLE once it is booked online.


  • Rescheduling will be permitted as a one-time courtesy at no charge.
  • Clients will have up until 24 hours prior to the scheduled training course to notify ZRANGE concerning rescheduling.
  • Additional rescheduling will result in an additional fee of $60.00.
  • Notifications must be received via e-mail at gina@zrange.com.