Frequently Ask Questions

How to handle a Firearm Safely?

There are FOUR basic rules to handling any Firearm: (1) Treat EVERY FIREARM IS IF IT WAS LOADED. (2) Always point your Firearm in a SAFE DIRECTION meaning away from others and at nothing you are not willing to DESTROY. (3) KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER & OUTSIDE OF THE TRIGGER GUARD. (4) Know what your TARGET is and what is beyond your TARGET.

What is the best Firearm to Carry?

I am totally non-monogamous when it comes to Firearms, again it is a matter of personal preference. Many people tend to buy a certain manufacture and that is all they carry. While all Firearms have certain things that make them better, they all can have certain things that can make them less desirable. It really comes down to two key things, your choice and what you want to pay.

How often should I practice?

Ideally you should do it at the very least once every six months to stay in practice. But going to a live fire range is only part of it. If you are going to carry on a daily basis you should always be aware of the fact you have a deadly weapon, the means to protect yourself. Firing any Firearm now can be expensive even once every six months. To help keep you better trained there are numerous things as Firearm Instructors we teach to help you on a day to day and make you a more proficient Firearm owner. Regardless of how often you go to a live fire range, you should always make sure that your Firearm is well maintained. 

Which is better Semi-Automatic or Revolver?

It comes down to a matter of personal preference. I personally own both and carry either one or the other, it just depends on where I am going and deciding to carry. Many consider revolvers to be “Old School” they carry less ammunition so less shots, the upside is they are less likely to jam. Semi-Automatics can carry more rounds but if they are not maintained they can jam or double feed causing two rounds to cycle up at the same time.

What is the best caliber of Firearm to carry?

Size does not always matter, at least in my opinion. While carrying a larger caliber will certainly affect your ability to neutralize your threat with less rounds fired, smaller rounds such as a 22 caliber have an effective range of 150 yards. Then the choice comes down to what you are comfortable with and how concealable it is.

Do you think everyone should own or carry a Firearm?

NO! Certain people are excluded from convictions they have committed so they most certainly should not, and it is illegal for them to even be around any Firearm. Those who have mental disabilities or the desire to hurt/kill others should also be excluded from owning or carrying a Firearm. Under our Constitution in the 2nd Amendment, you have the legal right to own a Firearm, also in that same document in the 10th Amendment the State which you are either in or reside has the ability under the law to determine who can or where you can carry or own a Firearm. It all comes down to your choice, we are a nation of free-thinking people with the ability to choose or not to own or carry a Firearm. Other people’s opinions do not really matter, it is what is legal and illegal that matters in the end.