Teacher Shooting

Jan 8, 2023 | In The News | 0 comments

Like everyone else, I was totally shocked that a 6-year-old brought a gun to school and shot a teacher! Being a parent and now a grandparent, it is so hard for me to understand how & why this happened! However, I am also a gun owner and being a gun owner, I know that I am responsible for the security & safety of my firearms, of all my firearms! I don’t think anyone should have access to them without my knowledge and consent! That is 100% my responsibility!
Those of us who have a firearm in our home for protection, are meant for the protection of ourselves and our families. No firearm should ever be in the possession of a child let alone a 6-year-old child! Back in the day when my children were younger, they were taught firearm safety and that a gun is dangerous. We also secured our firearms in locked cabinets. However, with the technology of today, so many more improvements have been made in both accessibility and security, that those cabinets were nothing to access. So, you, the gun owner of today, have no excuses for your firearms not being secured! Regardless of if they are high in your closet, unloaded, or whatever! If they are not secured in a locked safe, case, or box they are NOT SECURED! Even if they are unloaded, it is still a firearm and it will always be considered as loaded, hence it is a deadly weapon and should be treated as such!
This whole situation is tragic and one that could have been so easily avoidable had the parents secured this firearm. Now, a young woman was injured and is going to suffer the aftereffects for the rest of her life. The parent(s) of this child must endure what is sure to be a long legal battle in both criminal and civil proceedings. A 6-year-old child will have to face the consequences of their actions for the rest of their life.
On our site in the “info section” and under “links and forms” you will find a tab called “Project Child Safe”. We are proud to be partners with them and if you are a firearm owner regardless of how long, you should view this link. If you are new or want to be a firearm owner, you certainly should view this link.