Apr 28, 2023 | Training Articles | 0 comments

Nevada is 1 of 16 states of the United States of America where you can obtain a “Non-Resident” CCW Permit.  The Nevada CCW Permit is recognized in 27 states which makes it one of the best CCW Permits to have.  For those of you who travel and don’t live in Nevada but want to obtain a CCW Permit this might be an option.  Even though some states such as Hawaii, New York and California are just now coming into the mainstream of other states, they have so many requirements and restrictions that the mere thought of even trying to get their permit makes most of us wonder is it even worth it?  States like Hawaii, your permit is only valid for one year and it can take months to process, so by the time you get it, you have to start the whole process over again.  California CCW permit is not statewide only in the county it is issued, so if you live in Los Angeles County and have a CCW Permit, it isn’t valid in San Diego County.

Nevada CCW Permit by the standards of other states is very progressive and statewide.  If you are interested in obtaining a Nevada CCW Permit, we would be happy to help you with your course of instruction.