Social Media

May 3, 2023 | In The News | 0 comments

We have been working hard at trying to get our company name out there, this was not only to secure our market share of the business but also to show you who we are and what we do. We now live in a time when what is going on in the world and life, in general, seems to have become public information for both the good and the bad. As the Senior Instructor and for lack of a better term the words behind our company, well I try to inform anyone who wants to know about us, exactly what we are all about. Those who have known me for more than a minute will tell you that I don’t say things I don’t mean, being this is our business, well I try even more carefully to choose my words more carefully, sometimes I might slip, but regardless of how or what I say, I sincerely mean it and will always mean exactly what I say. My personal Facebook is personal for family and friends. Our business Facebook “Camszrange” is for anyone to see and view along with our Instagram account also “Camszrange”. We recently added, due to the number of people who are on our business Facebook account “Camszrange”, a separate group page called “ZRANGE”. While it is also private at least for now, anyone can join it as well. I try through social media to add content of value as well as media too. I hope that if you are interested in us or learning about Firearms and Firearm training you seek us out and join.
We are not trying to dominate or take over the Firearm training community, but to get our name out there as part of it. There are numerous Firearm Instructors both across the nation and especially here in Las Vegas, NV who are excellent at what they do and how they do it. We would like you to take training from us, but regardless we hope that you get professional training from someone, that is truly the most important thing!