Women & Firearms

Apr 27, 2023 | Personal Thoughts | 0 comments

I have found that most women have reservations when it comes to “Firearms”, yes that would have included my lovely wife back in the day. Hell, when we first got together, she was totally opposed to me even owning a Firearm, let alone the several that I had. Not long after we got married my job at the time required me to travel, sometimes for days at a time. Being that I was always concerned about her being alone and wanting to make sure she could protect herself, especially at home, well I bought her a pistol. You think she was happy? Oh, hell no! But I assured her that either I was going to teach her or send her to class but either way she was going to learn. Well, after no more than 10 minutes on the range she was popping off bull’s eyes and she has been comfortable with them ever since. She even got her CCW permit, but like many she got lazy about carrying and let her permit lapse. Something I learned from teaching her is that most women feel the same way, they have concerns over the kick of the firearm their first time, the shock of the noise and generally just concerns of not knowing what they are doing. Teaching is something I truly enjoy, having my students overcome their reservations is awesome!
We currently live in a time where the world has become a dangerous place. I would hope that if you are as concerned, that you to take steps to protect yourself and those you love. Like most gun owners I want my firearm to be the last resort and the very last thing to ever even get used. I would much rather deal with the consequences of my protecting those I love, than living with the regret of not doing so.