Gun Safety in public schools

Jul 28, 2023 | In The News | 0 comments

Not too long ago “Gun Safety” was taught in public schools. I know some of you are going WHAT? But yes, it really uses to happen decades ago even before my time. Of course, then schools were a institution of learning and not a place of attack.
I have never understood the stigma that I endure today of being a “Gun Owner” and how that makes me a bad person? Or why should someone be concerned about me? I own gun(s) because I like to shoot them and collect them. I own gun(s) and carry them to be able to protect myself and my family. I own gun(s) because now we don’t live in a time when things are simple, they are very complicated. There are some really bad people out there who will do bad things to you, just because. They have no respect for anyone’s life and no concern about anyone other than themselves. Just as shocking as now knowing that gun safety was being taught in public school decades ago, imagine what they would think if they could see our present, their future? What would they say? Have we as a society gotten better or worse?
No, being a owner of gun(s) doesn’t make me a bad person. Being a owner of gun(s) and one who carries a gun daily only gives me the ability to protect myself and my family. Any true owner of a gun(s) will tell you the taking of someone else’s life is the very last thing they want to do. Even our men & women in the military and law enforcement, they train to do it, but that is protect themselves and the rest of us. They have “rules of engagement” which govern them to use deadly force. As a civilian of this great country, we have laws to both protect us and to protect our rights both as an owner of gun(s) as well as one who doesn’t want to own a gun.