Jul 23, 2023 | Personal Thoughts

For those who might have missed it Shannon Watts of Mothers Demanding Action/MDA had this song removed from play.  Apparently, she was offended and flexed her group’s political muscle to force Country Music Television/CMT to remove this song.


I am offended that CMT would bow down to this pressure!  I am offended that Shannon Watts thinks she knows what I should and should not listen to too!  I am offended that with all of the things we need to be corrected, this is something that should even be considered as a problem! You don’t like Jason Aldean music, don’t buy it!  You hear this song come on and don’t like it, change the channel!  You don’t attack someone because if offends you, you do you!  Let them be who they are, because that is the one thing that makes this country great!  Being yourself!

Last time I looked this is The United States of America, you can say anything you want that doesn’t harm others.  Like yelling fire in a crowded room.  But what you sing about is your choice!  It is called the 1st Amendment, so you can’t pick and choose what someone else says, you only have the right not to listen.

I grew up in small East Texas towns, when we were kids during the summer we left in the morning and returned at dusk.  Our parents didn’t know where we were.  Most people left their doors unlocked, keys in the car, and guns on a rack in your truck.  You stopped and helped your neighbor or even a stranger when they broke down on the side of the road.  Everyone knew everyone, that is how it was!  So, I understand the lyrics to this song, and I appreciate them!  Hell, I miss those days, yes, we had problems, but nothing like today!

If Shannon Watts is so all fired up about controlling the music industry, she should listen to some other performers.  Those who sing about shooting police, hell shooting anyone, stealing, degrading women and so on!  She won’t because many of those aren’t of the same race, so she would be considered to be a racist. But they also have the same right of expression, me I just change the channel.  See Shannon, pretty simple, don’t like it, flip the switch!

Despite my opinion about Shannon Watts, I don’t totally disagree with her either.  Certain things concerning firearms should be changed.  I think people should be professionally trained before they can own a firearm.  I think they should know firearm safety and the laws, not just watch something in a movie and try and do it.  But we have some 20,000 laws on firearms, I think that is enough, we just need to practice being safe and responsible with our firearms.