Law of Large Numbers

Jul 29, 2023 | Personal Thoughts | 0 comments

In the U.S. 45% of all households have at least (1) Firearm, according to the G.A.O. Americans purchase yearly 325.9 million dollars of ammunition and 1.14 billion dollars on tactical equipment. Until 1968 the United States had no federal law on firearms, it was up to the individual state to determine the laws concerning firearms and their sales.  The Gun Control Act known as GCA or GCA68 was written into federal law, so from 1776 until 1968 the ownership of Firearms was not regulated. In other words, no one actually knows the number of Firearms in the United States. Currently in the United States of America we now have 20,000 separate laws concerning Firearms. Sadly, criminals don’t concern themselves too much with “law” and with respect to someone who is intent on committing a mass shooting, well they aren’t concerned with their life any more than they are concerned with yours. Most of them are prepared to die and anyone who is willing to trade their life for yours is a REAL THREAT!

In my opinion more laws aren’t the answer, proper training of Firearms is the best possible solution, granted I have some bias since I am a Certified Firearms Instructor. Having professional training would reduce potential loss of life or injury due to improper or total lack of training. Most people sadly believe that if they have “shot a gun” that they can shoot. That to me that is like saying I have flown on an airplane so I can fly one.  Not that simple, I am more likely to crash it than fly it. Owning a Firearm is like that too, you are more likely to hurt or kill yourself than actually use it as a means of protection. Even if you get proper training, if you don’t practice you will never be that good at using it. You bought this as a means to protect yourself, your family and you don’t practice with it? Not to mention, if you do have to use it, you are going to be under the single most stressful time in your life. A point where you are in a real life or death situation to protect yourself or those you love!

According to F.B.I. data the response time for the Police is 8 to 20 minutes, that is a very long time to wait for help to arrive! That is after you make contact with the Police, who else has called 911 and been put on hold? So, add a few more minutes to the response time. Don’t misunderstand my comments, Emergency Dispatchers do an awesome and often thankless job, dealing with many of us needing help and them wanting to help us. Recently in the mass shooting in Allen, Texas a very brave Police Officer who was at the location on an unrelated call, took 6 minutes to respond and neutralize the shooter.  Imagine if he wasn’t how many more would have been killed or injured?

To sum everything up, our government can “try” and remove all of the Firearms of which no one actually knows the real number there are.  They can make up more laws, which as we have all have seen with things the drug trade, really don’t work. Or you can wait the 8 plus minutes after you make your call to 911 for help. If you own a Firearm or want to get a Firearm for protection against those who aren’t law bidding citizens such as yourself, get professional training and practice.

However, most will do nothing, they think it can’t or won’t happen to them, that they live in a safe area and aren’t at any risk. Until it does and then it is too late!