Feb 23, 2023 | In The News | 0 comments

Hi everyone, on March 3rd & March 6th, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm we are holding a “Meet & Greet” at Clark County Shooting Complex in the Education Building.

It occurred to us that some people may be hesitant about handing over their hard-earned money to someone that they’ve never met for Firearm Instruction.  You might have seen our website, but really what does that tell you? So, we decided to hold this “Meet & Greet” for you to come out. We will talk about firearms, firearm safety, what we teach, and why.  You aren’t under any obligation to buy anything, we won’t offer to sign you up for any classes, this is merely our way of showing you who we are!

We will be giving away (1) CCW Class valued at $120.00 and (1) CCW Renewal Class valued at $60.00 in a drawing. Unlike other places, unless you are the winner, we won’t be contacting you or selling your information!

The address for Clark County Shooting Complex is 11357 N Decatur. The education building is the last one on the left, so you can’t miss it.  Our website information is below, and we look forward to meeting you there! If you have any questions, please do not contact Clark County Shooting Complex, call us directly at 702-793-1249.