Oct 28, 2022 | Training Articles | 0 comments

Avoiding conflict! Honestly this is probably one of the hardest things most of us find ourselves wanting to do.

We have all seen the various news stories from all over the world, people using a firearm for the worst possible reasons. Cold French Fries, taking too long to get your order in a restaurant, road rage, just to name a few.

If you are armed you have a greater duty to avoid the conflict, regardless of whether you have a CCW or opt to open carry your firearm. The reason your duty is greater, is that you have means to use “deadly force”. Often, people will want to automatically reach for their means of protection “firearm”, which could and often does escalate the situation. Even saying you have a “firearm” can escalate the situation. If possible, just leave, nothing wrong with avoiding a problem. If anything, leaving means you are a much stronger person, by avoiding a conflict.

As a Firearm Instructor, one of the first things I tell everyone is that pulling a trigger on a gun is the easiest thing to do. It is everything that comes after that which becomes much more complicated.