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Why should I choose ZRANGE?

You should do your homework before you choose any Firearms Instructor.

Although we are somewhat of a new company, our firearms certification training is rather extensive. As the Senior Firearms Instructor, I would ask that you review our qualifications. As you can surmise, we are very certified through not only USCCA & NRA but also prior Law Enforcement Training with decades of experience and training.

Our classes are smaller than most, we limit the number of students to (12) for every (1) instructor, reason is to give you quality training. It also allows ZRANGE to better keep safety practices on the “live fire” range to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are a family-owned business deeply rooted in Las Vegas. Even though this is a new venture for us, we have already lived here for 17 years of our 36-year marriage. We also have a rather large family from Hawaii that works and lives in Las Vegas as well, Las Vegas is often referred to as the 9th Island of Hawaii.

What will ZRANGE Instructors teach me that other Instructors won’t? By law, each State of Nevada CCW Instructor must teach you certain things that are mandated. We also all teach you certain firearm safety practices which are time proven. What we at ZRANGE want to instill in each of our students is that a single class or a CCW certification doesn’t mean you have all the training that you need. By owning a firearm or having a CCW permit, you are taking steps to protect yourself, your family, and perhaps even a stranger against a life-or-death threat. Owning or carrying a firearm you now have the means to use deadly force in mere seconds. Something that law enforcement has hours, days, weeks, months or even years to decide if you acted properly and within the law. So no, a single class or even a CCW permit doesn’t mean that you have all the training you will ever need. However, it should inspire you to train as much as you possibly can. Having any firearm either in your home or on your person, you need to treat that firearm with respect, the first time you don’t something bad is sure to happen.

We chose our motto very carefully “Training not to be a hero but refusing to be a victim”. Using any firearm should be a last resort PERIOD! Military and Law Enforcement train continuously with their firearms. The reason is simple, to react to any number of life-or-death situations where they could find themselves. Being a firearm owner, you also need to bring yourself to a higher level of situational awareness so if you must use deadly force, you can protect yourself and those who you love.

As an additional reward for being a ZRANGE CCW student, if you refer a family member or friend who books a CCW course with us, we will do your CCW renewal for FREE! Yes FREE! That saves you $60.00 on renewal fees!