When you assume!

May 12, 2023 | In The News | 0 comments

By now we have all seen ads on our social media with companies offering “CCW Training” online. I know I sure have and even though I continue to report these ads they still pop up! I guess because they are paying the social media company, they don’t care if it is true or not. In the State of Nevada, you must attend a “Firearms Training Class” with a “Certified Firearms Instructor”, You can’t shortcut it and fill out an online application and get a permit, it just doesn’t happen! In Nevada for a new “CCW” the class is eight hours, and renewal is four hours. Your “CCW Permit” once issued is valid for 5 years and recognized in 27 States. Another thing I would HIGHLY DISCOURAGE anyone from buying and most certainly carrying is a “Badge”. First, it isn’t required by law and secondly, you might find yourself in some serious trouble displaying it!