Then don’t own a gun

Jun 18, 2023 | Personal Thoughts | 0 comments

I respect everyone’s right to decide if they want a gun or not, even if they don’t respect my rights to be a gun owner.  But your opinion is just that, it’s “Your Opinion” I just don’t happen to share it.  Hell, if less people wanted guns and ammunition perhaps the price would decrease, I would be so good with that, so it is WIN/WIN for me just saying!

That said, I have my rights too and my own opinions and your opinions, well yours, can’t trump that simply because we disagree.  I will follow the current 20,000 laws concerning my guns, even the ones that I don’t agree with, I still will obey them because I am a law-abiding citizen.  But what has always bothered me about “anti-gun” people is most don’t know what the hell they are talking about, they have no knowledge of what they are saying and even fewer facts to validate their position of opinion. So how can you make an intelligent and articulate argument on something, when you have little to no knowledge of what you are talking about?  Are you talking just to talk or are you trying to fix something that you don’t know anything about?  Never made much sense to me, but I am just that way I guess, if I didn’t know what I was talking about I wouldn’t open my mouth.

So here are some real-world facts:  “Criminals don’t wear black hats”, The only way you know when someone is a criminal is when they are doing a crime and guess what, it’s too late!  The average response time for “Police” in most major cities is anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes, in rural areas, it can be even longer, view the FBI crime data, their figures and not fantasy ones. The people you call to respond to help you are going to be wearing guns!  This isn’t a country where the Police go unarmed to a response call, why?  They don’t want to end up hurt or dead!  They want to go home to their own families just like the rest of us. All of the “Politicians” that want gun reform all have armed protection, so DUH!

If this was the world, we all wanted, where everyone loves and respects each other, we wouldn’t need guns or a way to protect ourselves from those who want to do us harm.  But it isn’t that world and until it is that world, I will keep my guns thank you very much!  I will go through all of the training, certifications, fingerprinting, and background checks that is required by law without a whimper or complaint.  As a gun owner, I will continuously practice responsible gun ownership, I will continuously seek out additional training and certification and I will practice with my gun.  Because I know what the time of response is for someone coming to help me and I don’t want to wait that long to protect myself or my family.  My gun is a last resort, but “I train not to be a hero, but I refuse to be a victim”.