“Not Guilty Firearm Owner”

May 25, 2023 | Personal Thoughts | 0 comments

As people we always want to respond to or justify our opinion, action or belief.  If someone asks you a question, you most likely will respond, we are all pretty much wired that way.

When it comes to “Firearms” it seems like everyone has a opinion and in some way their opinion is valid.  If there were no “Firearms” we might not have any shootings.  Does it mean bad people won’t still mass kill, no it doesn’t.  April 19, 1995, or September 11, 2001, just to name a few.  Not a single shot was fired.

Then you have those who believe everyone should own a “Firearm”, I’m not one of those.  I think everyone should be trained on how to handle a “Firearm”, chances are you are going to come in contact with one and an untrained person with a “Firearm” is very dangerous and often deadly!  You also have those who want additional laws, so which of the 20,000 laws didn’t cover your concerns about something?  That doesn’t include the various criminal laws in all 50 states about using a “Firearm” in the commission of a crime, those 20,000 are just the current laws are concerning ownership, handling and use.

So, yes, your opinion matters but so does mine!  One thing I am most certain of is that in the 247 years of our country.  Some of those elected people in the United States government have lost something.  Some of them, believe that “I” the United States Citizen I am, that I work for them.  Doesn’t work that way, I suggest you read your history of our founding fathers, how and why our country was formed.