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The ZRANGE – I’M 2A SAFETY course is a huge step forward to becoming a safe and responsible gun owner.

This course was created because we saw the need for educational training and the lack of online training that was available for firearm owners such as yourself. The “I’m 2A” courses will be a series of courses. The first one Safety is a condensed version of the CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) course that ZRANGE instructors teach here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The personal course is 8 hours long; however, this course is only 1 hour long, covering the basics that you need to be a safe and responsible gun owner. These aren’t what you would see on YouTube, they have all been professionally shot and produced by Ervinas Media here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is a deadly weapon and professional training should always apply, we strongly encourage you to use our in-person services or a Certified Firearms Instructor in your area. As an added incentive we at ZRANGE will offer a 20% discount on any of our in-person courses upon your complication of the “I’m 2A” Safety Course for 90 days.


  • Safety
  • Proper Handling
  • Ammunition
  • Proper Carrying
  • Critical Incident